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Welcome to SRORevolution
Name Default
Level 5
Points 0
Foundation May 30 2013 12:00AM

Rank Race Charname Level Donation Guild War Kills Guild War Killed Type
Server Time
Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: __PCC__ Tax: 20%
Revolution Rank:
Char Name: Title
Thor Unique Killer
NULL The Best PvP Player Chinese
NULL The Best PvP Player European
HAMMER The Best PvP Player Mixed
Server info:

Server info :

Players online: 72/1000
Max online: 147
Experience rate: 3x
Party Experience rate: 4x
Gold drop coeficent: 2x
Item drop coeficent: 1x

Status : Online

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 636
Characters: 741
Guilds: 22